Smile Side of Life Laughter & Happiness Club                           

Explore laughter, happiness, resilience & well being

with Noreen Braman, your Strategic Humor Facilitator

Laughter Wellness Enhances Your Well Being!

A diverse group of women from Seton Hall pose for a Laughter Selfie.


Upcoming Events & Programs

SIGN UP BY SEPT 26 for a class/bookclub for Dr. Paul McGhee's

"Humor as Survival Training

for a Stressed-Out World

The 7 Humor Habits Program."

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I'll be presenting to several nonprofit organizations this fall. Contact me to find out how to bring the Smile Side of Life to your employees, members, clients, or conference.


The importance of Laugher and Humor and how it applies to your audience makes a great keynote or concluding program for any conference!


A rainbow of smiley faces.