Smile Side of Life Laughter & Happiness Club  

Explore laughter, happiness, resilience & well being

with Noreen Braman, your Strategic Humor Facilitator

Laughter Wellness Enhances Your Well Being!

A diverse group of women from Seton Hall pose for a Laughter Selfie.


Upcoming Events & Programs

Forming a class/bookclub for Dr. Paul McGhee's

"Humor as Survival Training for a Stressed-Out World- The 7 Humor Habits Program."

Cost will include a copy of the book and room rental fees. Email me if you are interested!

August 2018! Smile Side of Life Laughter & Happiness Club Laughter Fest Mondays!


A rainbow of smiley faces.



Don't let Monday get you down this summer!


Add some laughter to your workplace, employee picnic, conference, organization meeting, family gathering or house party!

Schedule a one-hour laughter wellness session — you supply the refreshments, and I'll supply the fun!

Sessions are themed to your group, whether it is employees, families, organization members,

children's groups, seniors, healthcare workers, support groups — Laughter is the universal language that speaks to us all!


There are only 4 Mondays in August so make you plans now and email me for more information!