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    For every job that must be done, there is an element of fun. You find the fun and SNAP! the job's a game! - Mary Poppins

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August is Happiness Happens Month
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DALLAS, TXThis August marks the 20th anniversary of the Society of Happy People’s annual Happiness Happens Month, recognizing two decades of contagious smiles that reduce stress, build relationships and enhance personal interaction.


This year’s celebration is particularly timely given the recently released Gallup 2019 World Happiness Report that rated the United States as No. 19, its worst ranking since the survey began in 2012,” explained Pamela Gail Johnson, founder of the Society of Happy People who has studied happiness for the past 20 years. “Happiness is a mindset and a way of life, and it’s more important than ever for people to recognize their happy moments and celebrate being happy..."


Noreen Braman, who, as a certified Laughter Wellness Instructor and member of the Association for Applied & Therapeutic Humor,  has also been studying happiness and following the Gallup report for many years, will be participating in SOHP's celebratory "Smile Starters Award" program during Happiness Happens Month. The recognition of the start of this annual tradition was lauded by many state governors - Is Your State on The List?


Noreen will be recognizing individuals, organizations, and others in the Middlesex County New Jersey area with a Smile Starter award. "This is a perfect way to show the importance of Living on the Smile Side of Life, because it helps build up your humor reserve for when things are not so funny!


Who do you know that is a Smile Starter?
Email here and let Noreen know!


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