Smile Side of Life Laughter & Happiness Club MIssion
smiley Mission smiley
Enhancing well being by sharing laughter for the health of it.
cool Vision cool
A world in which the universal language of laughter is a daily part of
improved health, happiness & well being.


Noreen Braman, your Strategic Humor Facilitator,
guides organizations and individuals to The Smile Side of Life
with educational and active participation presentations on laughing for the health of it,
the importance of humor, and other well being topics.


Noreen is a Strategic Communications professional and author of “Treading Water,” a collection of her humor columns and essays. A member of the Association for Applied and Therapeutic Humor (AATH), Noreen added the practice of Laughter Yoga to her life in 2010, additional training in Laughter Wellness in 2012, and helps others learn how to “laugh for no reason” for the health of it through her Smile Side of Life Laughter & Happiness Club presentations and special events. As a licensed agent of the fun dept. she helps provide employers with innovative solutions for a happier, healthier, more connected workplace. She was featured on EBTV3’s Wellness Spotlight, and attended AATH’s conference in Philadelphia, “Staying Alive: Keeping Your Brain Healthy & Active With Humor” thanks to a Cancer Treatment Centers of America (CTCA)-funded Stellar Volunteer Scholarship from the AATH.


Noreen was a speaker at the Paint the Mall Purple event at Freehold Mall, The Recovery 360 Conference, the Hispanic National Bar Association Convention, NJAJ's Boardwalk Seminar, and was the Keynote Speaker for the Society of Emotional Intelligence's 9th Annual Conference in Orlando. She has presented well being topics and laughter for the health of it to lawyers, law firms and bar associations, professional mediators, technology employees, dentists, banking professionals, caregivers, cancer survivors, seniors, children and more!


The Smile Side of Life Laughter and Happiness Club table at the Paint the Mall Purple event in May 2018.



The Center for Great Expectations, New Jersey Association of Professional Mediators,

Sunnybrook Assisted Living, Hispanic National Bar Association, CFC Loud & Clear Foundation,

NJLAP's Networkers Withou Borders, Raritan Police Department, NJ Public Defenders,

Morristown Hospital Women's Group, Mercer County Bar Association, New Jersey Association for Justice,

The Society for Emotional Intelligence