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Attention businesses, clubs, charitable organizations and family groups!
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Are you and your clients,

employees, or family members

living on the Smile Side of Life?

Or, is stress getting the better of you?


Learn how to add more humor, happiness and laughter to your life,

while enhancing both your wellness and your wellbeing!


Noreen Braman, author of "Treading Water" is a certified Laughter Wellness Instructor and a member of the Association for Applied and Therapeutic Humor. She has been helping groups fight stress with humor, joy and happiness since 2010. "Living on the Smile Side of Life" is an interactive, 1-hour presentation that is a perfect addition to your organization's next conference, business meeting, or company wellness program. To date,  Braman has brought Laughter Wellness to: children, seniors, cancer patients and survivors, health aides, home caregivers, lawyers, financial industry conference attendees, counselors, office workers, parents, grandparents, family groups, members of the military and more!


Programs customized to your group, theme, or event.

Lawyer Well Being:

Learning to Laugh

for the Health of it


A recent report released through the American Bar Association show lawyers at greater risk for anxiety, depression and substance abuse. The ABA followed this up with a study of Lawyer Well Being, and suggestions how law firms, bar associations and other organizations can help lawyers with this issue. One of those suggestions is to provide educational programming on topics related to enhancing lawyer well being.

Finding more humor and laughter in daily life can be a vital, and fun part of that. Noreen Braman is familiar with these studies, and has created a specially tailored version of "Living on the Smile Side of Life" for lawyers. Enhanced lawyer well being means a more productive professional, and less risk for ethical issues and stress-related problems. You may also be able to provide this as an inhouse CLE program.


This program has been customized for recovery professionals, mediators, support groups, caregivers and others!


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Also available:

Laughter Yoga Session: Groups learn the art of laughing for no reason — just for the health of it! All you need to do is Breathe, Laugh, and Move! 50 minutes


Laughter Wellness Home Party: Relax with your friends! You supply the refreshments, I'll supply the Laughter Wellness! Hosts get a signed copy of my book, "Treading Water." Wear ccomfy clothes and be ready to Breathe, Laugh, and Move! 1.5 hours


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